What Industry-Specific Services Does DeVeera Offer Cannabis Businesses?

The team of expert technicians at DeVeera is knowledgeable in the crafting, monitoring, and maintaining of IT assets of the leading cannabis growers and distribution companies in the San Francisco area.

These opportunities have allowed us to dig deep into the latest technology offerings to support the workflow and processes of cannabis companies to provide them with fortified security measures and an ideal IT working environment.

Among the specialized services we offer the cannabis industry are:

  • Metrc-California Cannabis Track-and-Trace System expertise

  • Security Camera System Procurement, Installation, and Management

  • Customized Software Solutions for Track and Trace

  • Environmental Monitoring to Support Optimal Heat, Temperature, Humidity, and Water

  • State Regulatory Compliance

  • Monitoring and Maintenance of Grow Lighting Assets

  • Front Office Security Including Surveillance Cameras, Recordings, and Recording Retention

  • Controlled Access via Physical Authorization and NFC Smart Cards

Could Managed IT Services Help Get and Keep My Cannabis Business Compliant?

Though relatively new, the cannabis industry is rapidly becoming a thriving commercial market. With industry growth comes governmental regulations and the need for IT support personnel to assist marijuana grow ops, distribution, and dispensaries with the operational challenges they face.

Marijuana operations are bound by strict compliance legislation on both the local and state levels, and we’re all aware that those regulations are only going to tighten over time.

You can’t afford to leave your technology management and maintenance needs in the hands of a novice.

Grow facilities and dispensaries alike can benefit from a partnership with a firm like DeVeera to manage their company IT infrastructure. We have the industry expertise required to assist with comprehensive IT care which targets every aspect of the marijuana business from servers and workstations to seed-to-sale software and much more. We provide cannabis companies with the regular maintenance and monitoring they need to remain both secure and compliant.

How Can DeVeera Help Me Get the Most from My Technology?

  • Choose and configure a point of sale system that reduces overhead, improves accuracy, and ensures simplified reporting

  • Act as your vendor liaison with your hardware and software vendors to confirm you’re getting exactly what you need

  • Find and install video surveillance systems in all necessary areas to keep an eye on crops and/or day-to-day operations with live footage

  • Design, configure, monitor, and maintain a wireless network that helps you stay productive and operate efficiently

  • Safeguard all data at rest and in transit with enterprise-grade security solutions to keep threats at bay

  • Implement and support your seed-to-sale software to ensure optimal functionality at all times

  • Monitor and service your full-spectrum LED lights that are connected to WIFI and network, keeping the artificial sunlight on the plants and monitored.

Is Your Marijuana Company’s Surveillance System Fully Secure?

Since cannabis is a product which experiences high demand, security is necessary for each grower’s property and distribution centers. Camera systems equipped to support 24/7 monitoring are an essential first step in security measures for the cannabis industry. Since state legislation requires continuous surveillance of grow operations and warehouse facilities, security cameras which are reliable and securely backed up are a critical component of any cannabis’ businesses protection strategy.

The DeVeera team of expert technicians sells, installs, and manages cameras. We excel at integrating these systems and their software into your existing IT assets.

We also offer cameras with no on-site DVR required. To reduce risk and increase simplicity, all surveillance footage is housed in the cloud.

What Cannabis Businesses DeVeera Work With?

  • Grow Operations

    Special computer programs and mobile apps have been developed to use with grow operations. These programs can track the status of plants, maintain inventory control, and stay on top of distribution channels.

  • Dispensaries

    We make sure that the dispensaries we support have the most effective hardware and software programs for use in their day-to-day business operations. With the right technology, dispensaries can more easily maintain and track inventory, track product sales, and keep up with customer information.

  • Vendors

    DeVeera works with industry vendors who provide products and services to the cannabis industry. For companies that provide soil testing, water systems, fertilizers, or some other component necessary for healthy growing plants, DeVeera can help on the IT side of the equation.

What Other IT Support Services Does DeVeera Provide?