What Software Support Solution Will Help My Business Grow?

The average combination of software programs used by today’s professionals will vary from simple and straightforward to sophisticated and complex. Regardless of its capabilities, software needs ongoing support to function at its highest output, including programmatic upgrades and security updates.

Relying on users to perform routine updates is spotty at best – users often report delays in installation of these updates simply due to the alerts interrupting work and impacting productivity. Downtime is the enemy!

From custom software to out-of-the-box solutions, software needs maintenance and support to run smoothly, but maintenance must be balanced with productivity hours for the most efficient results. Partnering with a software support services provider is the safest and surest way to get the best combination of efficient software and workforce productivity.

DeVeera strives to provide a complete technology solution, including custom software, as a managed IT services provider supporting both hardware and software for its clients. Technology support is no longer limited to traditional business hours, purely because the tradition has evolved. Expectations in the digital age are for 24-hour year-round support for all IT needs, which is what DeVeera provides.

What Are The Different Services That Make Up Network Support?

DeVeera IT services are divided into two main areas:

Generalized Services These are the standard services that are suitable for most mainstream businesses. This area includes:

  • Maintenance and Support: DeVeera streamlines processes by making necessary modifications and revisions to client software as needed. This includes:

    • Changes to the data format
    • Localization and regulation
    • Hardware configuration
    • Modifications to the current support services
    • Integration of multiple operating systems into one
    • Fixing Design, coding or even logical errors in the system
    • Predicting any future bugs that may arise and putting necessary measures in place
    • Continuous software upkeep by doing proper modifications and enhancements where needed
  • System Backups: Disaster recovery is another one of DeVeera’s specialties. With timely data backups and quick restoration in case of an emergency, business continuity is all but guaranteed in even the worst situations.

  • Stability Monitoring: Real-time system tracking and scans for any issues that may arise, with resolutions before problems are able to cause a larger impact.

  • Technical Support: End-user client support with online chats and ticketing systems, including 24/7/365 availability.

Specialized ServicesServices designed to cater to each client’s specific needs in mind, including:

  • Upgrades: Full software and hardware upgrades for optimum performance and functionality

  • Migration: Language, Product or database migration to another platform, location, operating system etc.

  • Maintenance: With Software, Website, and Custom Application Maintenance for all long-term clients.

  • Preventive Measures: By listening to the customer feedback and taking into account past incidents, DeVeera prepare a thorough software plan for future requirements.

  • Proactive and Preventive: That is the cornerstone of DeVeera’s service model. We don’t wait for things to go wrong and then rectify them later on, but by proactively taking all possible safety measures we can reduce such incidents by a large margin.