How Does Wireless Networking Service Work For Your Business?

Networks depend on connectivity for users to access, and accessibility is the basis of user productivity, including remote accessibility. Wireless networking enables communication, the foundation of collaborative digital environments. Regardless of location or device, mobile users rely on network connectivity to operate.

With mobile users exponentially increasing in recent years, the reliance on mobile apps, handheld devices, and a reliable network connection is what fuels productivity. This changing networking climate is why companies need a wireless networking service provider.

DeVeera is dedicated to delivering:

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    Stable connectivity for any device or location

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    Services from reliable WLAN partners

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    Wireless solutions for all clients, including enterprise organizations and the public sector

What Benefits Can You Get From A Wireless Networking Provider?

DeVeera offers wireless networking solutions that incorporate physical, virtual and cloud-based network controllers, access points, and value-added software and hardware for improved security, visualization, network planning, and analytics tools.

The benefits of DeVeera’s wireless networking services include:

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    Trustworthy, scalable, and continuous Wi-Fi functionality

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    Reliable and secure wireless networking

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    Secure, intuitive network handling and analytics

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    Top-notch indoor and outdoor wireless technology

What Types of Applications Does DeVeera’s Wireless Networking Support?

The DeVeera wireless networking team is skilled at assisting with planning, deploying and supporting the most up-to-date high-speed wireless networks, including:

  • Wireless VoIP – Smooth wireless VoIP you can trust.

  • Guest Access – Controlled wireless Internet access to authorized users while safeguarding the network.

  • Enterprise-wide WLAN – Provide high-performance and readily-available wireless LAN access all across your entire network.

  • Internal WLAN Hotspots – Wireless LAN access for the visitor and employee convenience in strategic areas like auditoriums, cafeterias, lobbies, and conference rooms.

  • Remote Access – Safe extensions of the wireless network to remote locations for organizations with multiple offices.

  • RFID – RFID offers the capacity to add RF tags to devices, people, assets, or anything you need to track. Get real-time reporting without having to perform costly manual audits many times a year.

  • Location Tracking – Utilizes an enterprise-wide WLAN deployment to offer exact location tracking of every Wi-Fi device in the facility.