Why Does My Business Need Network Support Services?

Technology is constantly changing, and most small and mid-size organizations are challenged to keep pace. Emerging technologies designed to boost productivity lend innovation to professional processes but present a unique opportunity that often outpaces the average professional team.

Partnering with specialized IT companies that provide IT services, like Network Support, instead of staffing internal teams coupled with ongoing training and continuing education costs, is often the smarter choice.

What Does A Network Support Provider Do?

Network support services include the daily maintenance of a company’s existing networks. This can involve routine testing, troubleshooting, and updates to the complete network. Given the scale of knowledge and skills this entails, maintaining in-house staff can be costly and redundant. Partnering with a managed IT services provider like DeVeera translates to a cost-effective total Technology Solution for network support.

With a managed IT services provider, the fundamentals of setting up and maintaining the IT infrastructure falls to the skilled team responsible for overseeing the smooth operations of the network. DeVeera’s team provides complete IT support at a fraction of the cost of maintaining a full staff.

What Are The Different Services That Make Up Network Support?

Common Network Support services can be divided into the following four areas:

  • Network Setup and Administration: Qualified network administrators will oversee all important aspects of your business for a more cost-effective approach than employing an IT staff.

    This also includes the initial setup and connection of all devices, such as desktop computers, backend servers, printers, landlines, and mobile devices to the network.

  • Desktop and End-User Support: Complete ongoing desktop and end-user support is a must for maintaining productivity. End users are often the first to encounter problems and thus are depended upon to report issues before they spread and have a much greater effect.

    DeVeera is a professional IT services provider in this area and gives clients an affordable way to ensure your employees remain productive by proactively monitoring and managing all desktop environments.

  • Network Security: Network security poses perhaps the greatest challenge to businesses today, because a single threat, like a data breach, has the potential to cripple the entire organization given the far-reaching impact these risks.

    That’s why network security is a crucial element of network support and reinforces the value of partnering with a network support provider to keep your networks updated with the latest security patches, firewalls, and intrusion detection systems, ensuring the security of all critical data.

  • Data Backup and Recovery: Data backup and recovery is your lifeline in the event of a catastrophe. Restoration of IT network systems and processes are the first step in business continuity should a disaster occur. Why wouldn’t you rely on a network support provider who specializes in just this type of service to ensure timely and secure backup of all critical data for immediate access?