Need Some Help Getting Your Office Move, Reno, Or New Build “Connected?”

Anytime a business needs to undertake a move, a reno, or a new building project, they need to source a professional to design a network and install low-voltage network cabling.

Installing cabling for technology assets is a job that falls outside the scope of the work an average electrician is qualified to do.


There is a big difference between high-voltage wiring that is common in the power systems of houses/offices and the low-voltage wiring that carries data from one network point to another.

The technicians of DeVeera specialize in helping Monterey businesses leverage technology to solve business problems. That begins with network cabling done right. We assist our customers in determining the correct type, size, and layout of data cabling required to support their IT assets properly.

How Can DeVeera Help Me with My Low Voltage Cabling Needs?

There are a number of advantages to partnering with DeVeera for data cabling installation and potential expansion projects.

Here are a few of the benefits we offer our valued California and Arizona clients:

  • The Right Cabling Layout
    The professional cabling technicians from DeVeera will design your cabling infrastructure as a slick, efficient system to prevent potential problems which could bring your work processes to a halt.

  • Simplified Management
    DeVeera will design your network and provide proper cabling installation by a professional in the field. A well-designed network has fewer issues and therefore will be easier to manage from year to year.

  • Better Esthetics
    Clutter from cables is unsightly to look at and can even be dangerous. Employing professionals ensures that cables are organized to provide a clean and safe environment in the communications room or server closet.

  • Easier Expansion
    Looking to expand down the road? We’ll ensure that your structured cabling is equipped to handle the demands of a growing workflow.

  • Reduced Expenses
    Efficient cabling systems allow you to see real-time savings when it comes to maintenance and future update work. Your future total expenditure is lowered as changes can easily be made within a well designed and implemented system.

A Partnership With Deveera For Network Cabling Provides These Significant Differences In Monterey Businesses.

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    Provide capacity for future growth

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    Enhance organization with contained cabling

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    Simplifying all cabling for your IT assets


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    Improve office functionality

The expert technicians at DeVeera make use of only the highest quality connectors and wiring to ensure optimal performance of our customers’ IT infrastructures. Our cabling is subject to stringent testing to secure a fully functioning network fit for the demands of each business.

Among the cabling the DeVeera team is familiar with are:

  • Fiber Optic


  • Low Voltage Data Cabling


  • Shielded Twisted Pair Cabling (STP)


  • Unshielded Twisted Pair Cabling (UTP)


  • Coaxial Cable