What to Search For In a Mobile Device Management Solution?

Once you’ve decided that you need to go after a mobile device management solution, you will find that there are several choices available in the market. While numerous features will differ, some criteria are important:

  • Restore or backup performance of corporate data

  • Cloud-based, so updates are painless and automatic

  • 24×7 administration, completely handled

  • Reporting or logging for compliance purposes

  • Rooting and jailbreaking alerts for users trying to break restrictions

  • Blacklists, passwords, and other security policies implementation

  • Remote monitoring and configuration

  • Remote data wiping or passcode implementation for preventing invalid access to the phone

  • Remote disabling or disconnection of unauthorized apps and devices

  • Geofencing for limiting access to particular apps and data depending on location

  • Scalable, thereby growingly sophisticated devices and new users can be easily accommodated

What Does the DeVeera Mobile Device Management Solution Look Like?

1. Easy device enrolment

Allow employees to enroll their handheld devices quickly in MDM via a smooth setup procedure. Simplify privacy concerns with easy-to-read, clear policy instructions for Windows 10, MacOS, Android, and iOS.

  • Visual privacy policy instructions help employees know how MDM safeguards their privacy.

  • The self-service portal enables users to handle common functions with no IT support.

2. Secure connectivity and mobile access control

Offer approved users secure access to corporate resources without needing them to manually build VPN, enter passwords, or other time-consuming tasks.

  • Per-app VPN eases secure access to business information.

  • Non-compliant devices cannot avail corporate resources.

  • Assist current identity stores like Active Directory.

  • Certificate-based authentication cyber attack exploits.

3. Automated device setup

Eases configuration and eliminates help desk calls. Registered mobile devices are configured automatically with business connectivity settings, device-specific limitations, and email profiles.

  • Expand business apps through an enterprise app store.

  • Immediately connect over corporate VPN profiles and Wi-Fi.

  • Safeguard access to corporate email with assistance for IMAP, POP, and Exchange.

4. Device compliance and policy implementation

Compliance configurations and granular policy settings enable you to adapt security to meet your particular business needs.

  • Follow regulatory instructions described by CJIS, HIPAA, and PCI.

  • Safeguard info with data loss prevention and device encryption settings.

  • Selectively wipe or quarantine business info from non-compliant devices.

  • Implement device passcode settings.

5. Mobile-enabled IT infrastructure

DeVeera’s MDM solution combines with other IT frameworks like IT service management software, business directories (LDAP/Active Directory), and network access control systems.

  • Combine enterprise-wide IT systems reporting through the Splunk Forwarder.

  • Combine MDM with NAC for preventing unauthorized gadgets from accessing corporate resources over Wi-Fi.

  • Combine MDM with ServiceNow for organizing IT asset handling.