DeVeera – Managed IT Services Wrapped in Business Technology Solutions for Your Business

DeVeera is your one-stop provider for cutting-edge business technology solutions. We provide technology solutions to more than 400 client businesses across different industries including biotechnology, education, hospitality, legal, medical and more.

We design and build customized managed IT services to optimize your business technology processes.

Our Managed IT Services guarantee steady IT infrastructure systems – keeping your servers, networks, and PCs up and running consistently.

We provide two levels of Managed IT Services to our valued California and Arizona clients.

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    Gold Level

    At the Gold Level we provide all the remote support you need from us within a monthly subscription model. Onsite support is billable on an hours plus materials basis.

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    DeVeera Care Level

    The DeVeera Care level offers you a simple flat monthly fee that covers everything – All remote and onsite IT support.

Want to Know More About DeVeera?

Our business model is simple: We first work towards understanding your business processes, then we develop a tailored technology strategy that we work with you to implement within your organization.

Our aim is to provide you with the right technology solutions and custom applications needed to optimize your internal processes and solve business challenges.

Our team is made up of certified technicians, programmers, developers, network and systems engineers as well as highly-qualified customer service workers whose objective is to provide you with the best professional experience possible.

Why Outsource Your Business IT Services?

Outsourcing IT services frees up your staff so that they can focus more on their daily tasks – not IT issues. Outsourced IT services also allow you to tap into the skill set of experienced IT personnel, advanced technology solutions, and economies of scale. Hiring DeVeera takes the anxiety and frustration of managing a complicated IT environment off your shoulders.

What I Will Get With DeVeera IT Support For My Business?

  • IT Consulting and Planning – Delivering expert IT advice and strategic IT planning to ensure the implementation of technology solutions that align with your business goals

  • Data Storage – Offering secure, reliable, and fully automated modernized data storage infrastructure with high-end storage solutions

  • Network Support – Providing network design, implementation, and pro-active remote monitoring to keep your systems operational and safe

  • Backup Plans – Implementing and maintaining data backup and data recovery solutions designed specifically for your business

  • Managed Data Security – Partnering with leading security organizations to provide clients with next-generation security applications

  • Remote Systems Monitoring – Providing 24×7 watch over your IT systems and resolve issues as quickly as they crop up

With our Managed IT Services, your business will gain the following

  • C-suite IT advice

  • Simplified and optimized IT environment

  • Secure IT operations

  • 24/7 tech maintenance and support