Hardware Support for A Wide Range of IT Infrastructure

Downtime is bad for business. Unexpected downtime can have disastrous results. How can you make sure downtime doesn’t drag on for too long and cause irreparable damage?

Your first step to minimizing downtime is to address possible root causes, which are generally centered around your IT infrastructure. Your next step is to partner with an experienced IT service provider that can oversee your IT systems and address infrastructure challenges before they cause downtime. The DeVeera team of IT specialists provides quality hardware support to our clients to minimize downtime so you can focus on your business while we focus on keeping your hardware running smoothly.

What Hardware Support Services Do We Offer?

  • Prompt On-Site Service – Our skilled IT professionals are always ready to be deployed for immediate response or whenever is convenient for you.

  • Ongoing Maintenance and Support – The DeVeera IT staff is trained in the latest technology solutions to provide hardware maintenance that is up to date. Our ongoing maintenance and support services are designed to keep your IT infrastructure as efficient as possible.

  • Send-In Repair – For repairs that cannot be performed on site due to time constraints, DeVeera clients can send devices or hardware to our facility in California or Arizona. We will then perform the necessary work to get your hardware in top working order again and send back to you packaged to arrive safely.

  • Replacements and Loans – In the event that one of your essential IT devices is faulty, you can make use of one of our most convenient hardware support services to reduce your overall downtime. While your personal hardware is being repaired, we can offer you an immediate loan of similar hardware. On the other hand, if the resources are available, then we can also promptly replace your failed hardware with an identical device.

  • Safe Destruction and Disposal – Whether you’re replacing damaged equipment or investing in upgrades, the DeVeera team will ensure that copies of your digital information are safely removed from your old hardware. Our experienced technicians obliterate your company’s digital fingerprints from your old hardware so that you can have peace of mind.

  • Backup and Transfer – Our range of hardware support services are the ideal companion for our secure backup and transfer services. With this convenient service, we make it easy for you to pick back up right where you left off with your old IT hardware.

  • Green Disposal – When it comes to hardware support, we focus on being a friend to both businesses and the environment. Anyone can simply throw away defective hardware into a trash can, but DeVeera takes the extra step to offer EPA-compliant and environmentally-friendly disposal services.

Convenient and Efficient Hardware Support Services

At DeVeera we only staff the best technicians in the industry so that we can be sure that we’re delivering you the best IT services at all times. As Monterey County’s go-to IT hardware support service provider, we have an enviable reputation for being able to easily take the tedium and hassle out of any company’s IT operations.