Where Did DeVeera Come From?

DeVeera is a company that was founded more than twenty years ago out of the desire to fill a void in the business IT market. Though many IT support firms focused on repairing IT assets, there was no one devoting their focus to the necessary line of business applications. To meet this growing need, was formed.

Today, DeVeera advises on, develops, integrates, and maintains business solutions to help Monterey Bay businesses achieve IT networks which are secured and performing optimally. Our team of professional software developers have the experience needed to craft the ideal solution for each of our valued clients’ industries.

DeVeera is more than just a Managed IT Services provider. We take our role as a Business Technology Solutions Company very seriously. Our valued clients are located in California and Arizona and across the USA. They come to us because they need more than comprehensive IT care; they need solutions that will help them drive positive business outcomes.

Does DeVeera Operate Under a Set of Core Values?

DeVeera is a team which takes great pride in the core values which represent who and what we strive to be as a company. All of our working relationships are built upon the foundation of these guiding principles.

  • Monterey Bay IT Support

    Respect – for each other, for our clients, for the work that we do

  • IT Consulting in Salinas

    Integrity – doing what is right for a client – always

  • IT Management in Salinas

    Professionalism – meeting the highest standards of service delivery

  • Best Business IT Company

    Enjoyment – enjoying life, friends, our work, and our relationship with our clients

These core values are evidenced in our focus on building strong relationships with each of our clients. We consider ourselves not only our clients’

What Does DeVeera Do?

Our team of professional technicians will tailor each clients’ IT assets to the specific requirements of their industry.

We proudly offer business technology solutions to the following industries:

  • Agriculture

  • Professional Services — Accounting Practices, Financial Institutions, Marketing Firms

  • Healthcare

  • Hotels and Restaurants

  • Dental Offices

  • Cannabis Growers and Distribution

What is it Like Working with DeVeera?

DeVeera endeavors to make IT easy for our clients. To this end, we strive to make all of our partnerships fun. Why? Because we love what we do.

As natural problem solvers, the staff at welcome IT challenges. We take great pleasure in helping our clients solve puzzling technology issues and to maintain fully-functional IT systems as a vehicle to help support their operational objectives.

Does DeVeera Serve My Area?

The DeVeera team is equipped to serve businesses in need of technology support or app development nationally as well as on a global scale.